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-my brother is still an asshole, but an asshole that appears to be coming to his senses. One hopes. We shall see.

-I have not been fandom-squeeing enough. THIS SADDENS ME. I am saddened.


-Am watching a Who episode right now. Am NOT paying attention to it :(

- I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE: I've not watched any of Merlin Season 3 yet. I just don't want to be heartbroken, and I don't think I'm all to keen about where they seem to be going with Morgana and stuff. I DON'T THINK I CAN WATCH MERLIN ALONE, IS WHAT I'M SAYING. I THINK I NEED AN ADULT, OR AN APPROPRIATE FANGIRL NEXT TO ME SO I CAN REMEMBER WHAT THE SQUEE IS ALL ABOUT. :(

-Two weeks ago because my Boss!Lady injured herself and was out the whole week, I dealt with the IT guy for our COMPUTER ISSUES OF INSANITY AND GRAY-HAIR INDUCTING MAYHEM (SERIOUSLY, I FOUND A GRAY HAIR THE NEXT WEEK. I BLAME THE COMPUTERS!!). We talked lots. In short, I now have a WEE BIT OF A UBER CRUSH ON IT GUY. D:

-On Friday night, I drunk texted my Boss!Lady about IT guy and my wee-bit-of-an-uber-crush-on-him. DDD:

-She didn't tease me as mercilessly as she could have. I think she finds it adorable instead. O_o ALSO IT TURNS OUT IT GUY LIKES BEER I MUST LAY MY TRAP.

-I don't know what I am drinking, but it's TERRIBLE and I should really just dump it down the sink.

-I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I don't really like my story. But I AM able to write 1000 words in 30 minute sprints, so I'm pretty much ahead/on track. Just...MEH.

-I want to have another geek-together sometime either this week or next. STAY TUNED!

-SERIOUSLY, I have to dump this drink down the drain, I don't know WHAT I was thinking but it is DISGUSTING.

That is all.

Nella OUT.

Date: 2010-11-09 01:17 am (UTC)
hearts_blood: (Clackin it old school yo)
From: [personal profile] hearts_blood
In short, I now have a WEE BIT OF A UBER CURSE ON IT GUY. D:

Wait, an uber CURSE or an uber CRUSH?


Date: 2010-11-09 01:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ink-n-imp.livejournal.com


*fixes the spelling of something else, as well*

Damn my eyes. Damn them all!

Date: 2010-11-11 07:03 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Break a leg with the it guy.

Please tell me you didn't try peppermint oil again.

~from the girl who is sitting by the sea watching others drink beer before 8 am

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