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Do you like women in bodices performing Shakespeare while fighting with swords? And arcade games?

(If you don't, I will be forced to revoke your Nella Friendship Card. Sorry, but you've brought it upon yourself)

If so, I have something VERY relevant to your interests.

"Rapier Wit" featuring Vixens En Gard, performing (among other days) this Saturday 12/4 at 2pm at the Brick (575 Metropolitan Avenue, 575 Metropolitan Avenue)

"It is 1607, and women aren't allowed to perform on the English stage...seven swordswomen gather to illegally swashbuckle their way through Shakespeare's greatest tragedies--to hilarious end. These smoking hot babes are armed to the teeth with swords, daggers, quarterstaves, whips, and of course Rapier Wit! Throw in some singing, some wrestling, some gender-bending, and some audience participation--and you have one heck of a good time! Join our all female fight troupe The Vixens En Garde in a fast-paced fantastical tribute to the Bard of Avon...Rated R for Violence, Sexuality, & Shakespearean Swearing."

I've already bought MY Sat @ 2pm ticket, and so should you! (Buy Tickets here! https://www.ovationtix.com/trs/cal/122)

The show is 90 minutes, and after wards (because it is in peachy convenient walking distance) I'm going to Barcade: It's a bar…and an arcade…which admit it, is EVERYTHING you hoped adulthood would be when you were a kid.

Barcade is located at 388 Union between Ainslie and Powers streets.


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So, let me know if you're coming/are intrigued/want my phone number so we can meet up at some point that day! LET'S DO THIS!
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