Feb. 9th, 2010

Good God, I can't even. There are NOT enough hours in my days anymore! Every time I try to sit down and write something, or try to find the time to film something, I just can't! There's too much else to do in the meanwhile! I mean, good lord, the only thing I've accomplished yesterday besides clearing off my desk and tidying up my room was posting pictures with commentary for Lindsay! It's only Tuesday and I am ready to crash and BURN. In a way I'm almost (BUT REALLY JUST BARELY) grateful for this impending Snow-pocalypse—it's my ticket out of a few things I JUST DON'T HAVE TIME FOR. D:

IN OTHER MORE EXCITING NEWS, Lindsay has been trying to figure out how to review My Little Ponies. I don't remember watching that show when I was a wee!Nella, but by God did I have the ponies themselves. Lucky for her, I have no shame and tend to HOARD things, for I still HAVE all of my childhood My Little Ponies. After retrieving them from my parents' attic, I threw the following together last night as inspiration for her. Because that's what internet sidekick BFFs DO.

Behold, a picture journal of a My Little Pony story line I made up and enjoyed immensely as a wee!Nella...only with more adult words this time around, and a helping of self examination. )

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