Feb. 13th, 2010

So...I'm looking at buying an apartment in Queens.

This apartment's lease is up in May, and what with one roommate declaring her intentions to leave the country for a while, we've all started the apartment search dance. And beginning, I thought I'd look for a two bedroom affair so I could have a roommate. But...well, maybe I don't want a roommate. Maybe I just want something that I don't have to worry about NEEDING to find someone else to go doubles in. I mean, sure, what Watson wouldn't tolerate or get along spiffingly with the right Holmesian roommate (And I am VERY much one of nature's Watsons)?

But once again, the idea of having a place that I can afford on my lonesome, and not have to worry about renting out a room, or who I can have over when and for how long and how many times--

So, one-bedroom/studios it is then. But good God, how nerve-racking! Is it the right size, layout, enough sockets, is the kitchen serviceable (A REQUIREMENT), is there a balcony (...which is quickly becoming a HUGE desire, I mean, I COULD GROW THINGS THEN. Have a reading nook for nice weather. BARBEQUE! I COULD BARBEQUE AGAIN!), is the neighborhood nice, is it closer to the subway than I am now, CAN I EVEN AFFORD THIS FUCKERY etc etc etc etc...


Also, there's a bit of a...lack of condos. Everything available is a co-op. ARGH! If I'm going to own something, it's going to be MINE, NOT a split in the shares of the entire building so then some board can tell me what's what. Nu-huh. NO THANKS.

ARGH I hope I find my Own True Apartment by April though. I'm going to be cultivating a nice ulcer until then.
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Laurapalooza!: a con for all things Laura Ingalls Wilder

Good God. I want to go SO BAD. Like many girls before me--and I'm sure like many girls that will come—the Little House on the Prairie books were some of the greatest loves of my life. I read those to bits—I even had doubles of the books, so that my older, complete set might be spared the worst of the abuse.

I wanted to be just like Laura—when I was a wee!Nella* whenever my dad (which I used to think of as Pa, as he had a beard too!) needed help with anything, I'd jump to do so, just like Laura would have! And if it required heavy lifting, and my dad praised me afterwards for my strength, you can bet your ass that in my mind I was thinking "STRONG LIKE A LITTLE FRENCH PONY!"
And you know, sometimes there are things I still do just because it's what Laura would have done. So yes, consider me keen on the idea of talking Little Halfpint with others.

...Now I wish I had those books on me…

*and not a middling!Nella, when puberty hit and took away anything decent about me, until I clawed my way back out of adolescent douchery

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