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She Likes Coffee and I Like Tea

and that is why we don't agree.

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Birthdate:Mar 24
Website:Nella the tree

What do you do with a BA in ANYTHING? I don't know, but as I have a BA in Anthropology, I'm trying to find out.

I am a Long Island Spawned, pseudo-Italian, rather-terrible-Catholic female of the human race, who is some times mistaken for a tree. I am vaguely amusing and occasionally clever. Give me an drink and an inch and I will regal you (or perhaps just horrify you) with long diatribes about WHY Golden Age Wonder Woman comics are the most fabulous thing since (insert something clever here), HOW G.K. Chesterton Knew What Was Going On, and many other topics, many of which I AM just completely bullshitting about. I have a knack for retelling Bible Stories and Fairy Tales in what could be construed as a blasphemous manner.

I spend all of my time working, commuting, reading, watching things, drawing, and writing, and when the Heaven's Open and God Smiles Upon me, visiting a bar and raising a glass (or many). I tend to gravitate towards people who do the same, and can imagine no better way to spend an evening than by going to a bar in a group and spending the night in discussion; some deep, some ridiculous, all worthy of their two cents. I get along the best with others who become passionate over relatively silly things. I tend to fangirl books and movies and shows and characters; if you can either fangirl/boy along, sympathize for, or just find it amusing, then we should get along swimmingly!

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My journal title is from a Nursery rhyme I was incredible fond of as a child.

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