Well, this is a post a long time in coming! I've been meaning to post for the last few weeks about how I had lost my cell phone on the Long Island Railroad...and now I'm posting to tell you the prodigal phone has returned to me!!

The entire tale of its' journey is a long one indeed, epic in many ways, but suffice to say I have a habit of falling into a comatose state while on my 1 hour 45 minute train ride home, and when I awoke to find the train doors were opening at MY stop, I ran off the train, still fuzzy in the brain and sans cell phone (which had fallen out of my pocket) and green scarf (which I had taken off). I only realized this when I got home and some chap called my brother's cell with my phone. This fellow (of whom odes and ballads should be composed and sung but alas, his identity is unknown to me!) wanted to know who to send the phone and scarf too, so I gave him the address for my dad's office and hoped for the best.

Time dragged on, and I feared the worst, that I indeed would never see my cell phone (with all my numbers!) and my green scarf (my very favorite scarf!) ever again. I wondered if the man never sent it...as [livejournal.com profile] singealiene and I mused, perhaps he was a diabolically figure that had no intention of mailing my things, maybe he only wished to raise my hopes so that they might be dashed upon the rocks while he casually tossed my phone about in the comfort of his home and laughed evilly. Or, perhaps my things were lost forever in the Limbo of the US Postal System known as the Dead Letter Room...maybe my things were in Atlanta, Georgia, locked away like the Ark of the Covenant and would be sold off at their yearly auction...

But No. Well, I mean, based on the date of the postage my things DID have quite a journey through the US Postal System, but they have finally arrived, safe and sound after about 3 weeks of phonelessness.


Nella's Back!!

In other news, I've finally read Chesterton's Father Brown series...and I've finally realized who I was drawing when I drew him recently. It's pretty much a less chubby Father John, the priest who was our NYU chaplain when I was a wee little college freshman and the Newman Club (a.k.a. the Catholic Club) was the most glorious time of my college existence.
I had written my friend Ian a letter a few days ago, as I am in New York and he is in Austria *tear*, and I included a little sketch of what I think the Zommunist* hoard will look like when they all rise up and attempt to destroy democracy as we know it...only this time with actual brain-eating, rather than just that being a metaphor for the destruction of cultural/intellectual/religious teachings not in line with Marxist dogma. I was a little loathe to send it to him, as I had grow very fond of it; but i put on a stiff upper lip, bid it adieu, and sealed the envelope.

Well, the short of the long is that not only did Ian get my letter, but he posted a scan of my Zommie on his livejournal!! My heart sings with terror over seeing this most henious of foes again!! ^_^

*...damn, I can't find the post on his blog wherein he revealed to the world the aims, dangers and inevitable attack of the Zommunist hoard and their Red Dead Revolution, and where I also swore on my trowel as a future archaeologist of America that since there weren't any nazis to defeat, than By God I would spend a portion of my life insuring the downfall of the Red Dead!!!!!

...I suppose this is where I mention that lately we've been discussing mistakenly putting babies in book drops in Austria.
I have to be up at 6:30 tomorrow. MEH.

So, instead of SLEEPING, I updated my deviantart account. CHECK IT OUT!! XD


Go, see how my wicked mind works. Mua. Muahaha. MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!

....7:54 am train my bitches. It's going to rock.
What a week. Especially what a weekend. Ups and downs, let me tell you!

Between getting Howl's Moving Castle downloading on my computer to being a lazy ass all weekend, to performing at May Day to rave reviews (Dude, someone said I perform like the love child of Robin Williams and Ellen DeGeneres. That is easily the BEST compliment I've ever gotten, I'm still all a flutter!) to being the only person in the building with working internet, to one of the girls down the hall being told by her girlfriend (who is in China now acting on Broadway there in sound of music) that she wanted to experiment with boys again, and the drinking and smoking and bar hopping that went down in response, it's been intense.

Being slacking like woh in regards to school work, but I'm back in the nano game and there is hope! I'm 8000 words behind still, but I did some major catching up this weekend and there is hope! HOPE! Hope I tell you, damnit, I can still do this! Oddly enough, I'm ahead in my word count compared to where I was on this date back during Nano '03. So, yea, W00t!!

Been trying to upload pictures and what not, but internet works fine, until I really need it, and I gets all "But I am le tired." I've only managed to get two pics uploaded, a nano based one and one of a gazelle for Renaissance Apprenticeship. Wah-la! Don't you just hate me for clogging your f-list with my poor ass sketches?

Well, actually, I'm DAMN proud of the gazelle. So no knockin' the wildlife, m'kay?


Emery falls down a cliff and breaks her leg. Emery falls down a cliff and breaks her leg.

In a moment of a desperate need for word count filler, my two characters, Phil and Emery, recounted a story where Emery and some students were chased by a rampaging wild boar, and she was elbowed by a frightened student off of a cliff.

She, alas, was forgotten about by the fleeing students, and Phil had to hike back across the 3 km of farm land and shimmy his way over dangerous ledges to get to her, and carry her back up since she had broken her leg.

But that's what friends are for.

Gazelle!! Gazelle!!

This was so much fun to do, but a real bitch. It took me forever to get the proportions right. Frickin' animals.

Well, that's it for now. I have so many knots in my shoulders it's sickening. Sleep is required.

So, I'm trying to write this dialogue between two guys: one's annoyed and wants to be left alone, the other's bored and wants to do something, and a touchy subject has just come up, and I donno if it's just me, but I feel like I'm writing some major slash here. One of them is starting to sound like the jilted lover and the other like the oblivious male.


...Oh man, methinks less livejournal is in order.

EDIT 1:30 am:

Holy shit, it was in my head and I couldn't do anything about it but draw it. Wyatt...I'm so very very sorry. I feel like I've somehow defiled our brainchild, but...I could not resist! Behold, and be...disturbed.

Yea.  part one. Yea. part one.

I blame the internet. Unless you're Wyatt or Dan, you aren't going to get the inside joke.
part deux, or the bottom of the pic part deux, or the bottom of the pic

And, here's the bottom, and a depiction of how this all came to be.


...Having figured I should pull my own website weight around, I bit the bullet and colored in the pic for Auto Schadenfreude, my website in the works. BEHOLD!!!

For using only MS paint, not to shabby.

EDIT: Oh, does the font look painful and German like? I needed something painful and german looking.
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So....once again, I used Lindsay's computer to scan my pictures. But, this time I scanned them all in one fell swoop, so I can stop having to do that. Lindsay, I swear to you your computer is not fucked in the slightest. It was working beautifully the whole time. In fact, I think me and the computer are finally starting to get along.

Anywho, this is a pic I've been wanting to scan for a LONG time. I drew this in the twilight days of our Powerpuff Phan RPG. This was back when [livejournal.com profile] angelspixy was MIA in the phic writing, so it was only me, [livejournal.com profile] singealiene, [livejournal.com profile] niftykracker and [livejournal.com profile] unkai writing. And....people were SERIOUSLY slacking with the posting.

So, I drew this and the plan was to email it as a warning. Alas, a lack of scanner thwarted me, and before I could get my hands on one, the Adventures of the PowerPuff Phans came to an end.

So, tada!!

This Message has been brought to you by the American Committee Against Smallpox: )

I have to catch a 7:38 am train tomorrow, but I'm TOTALLY not feeling the sleeping. Meh.
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So, after talking with [livejournal.com profile] angeluspixy about the Phantom of the Opera Saturday morning cartoon, I was inspired to draw fanart for it, before it even exist!! I present:

Erik and Raoul Plot Against Fabrizio the Opera Fop! )

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