Someone asked over at the STXI anon-meme asked for a Jeeves/Spock story (GOD, could you IMAGINE the eyebrow wars? Hell, even McCoy could jump in and try to hold his own, McCoy’s got a hellava eyebrow himself there…) but all I could imagine was Jeeves and Wooster...crewing the USS Enterprise.

CAPTAIN!BERTIE!: I say, Jeeves, is this thing on? Oh, good, right-o. Captain’s Log, star date 22…er…I say, Jeeves? How do these bally star dates work again? Well, that doesn’t make much sense, does it? I mean to say, good lord, could Starfleet have made them more confusing, what?

Oh, right, um, Space! The final whatsit. These are journeys of the Starship Enterprise--


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But I feel like posting, and by gum, I've nothing else to talk about. But first, a rather longish explanation as to why this post came to be.

Today was one of those glorious, late summer days that happen on occasion here on Long Island--the sun was shining, the sky was blue, everything was still green, and any other ridiculously sentimental dribble you can add to the above, by all means do!

I was meandering around the porch, only to discover that some of the figs on the fig tree had ripened! Now, I ADORE fresh figs; in fact I was of the habit of picking them for breakfast off of a tree on the NYU campus in Florence the semester I studied aboard. And if you might be of the mind to say "Silly Nella, why would you do that!"; rest assured I asked the president of the study aboard program if that was alright, to which he gave a wholehearted "YES!" It turns out NO ONE ate the figs off of that fig tree, and all those delicious figs would fall to the ground and rot away every year. And as I am cheap, figs make for a marvelous breakfast. Positively delicious, nothing like a freshly ripened fig. If you don't believe me, come to my house and try them for yourself.

So, I picked what I could, and ate what I could (saving some for the rest of the family, as one shouldn't be too greedy with figs) and meandered onward to find that there were ripened Concord grapes in the back of the yard as well! This has NEVER happened before--for years, I've stared all summer at the green, hard grapes in anticipation of what ripened Concord grapes might taste like to no avail--alas, they have always be snatched up by birds long before I could enjoy them in their dark purple glory.

But this year, there are GRAPES in the backyard, fully ripened Concord grapes. Now, I am aware that Concord grapes are usually only used for the making of juices and jellies, but I picked as many as I could and ate them as I walked about some more. I can honestly tell you to not eat the skins. They are bitter like beach plum skins (also in season now, and down by Long Beach to those who like to pick fruit in public parks), but the first tentative bite is wonderfully sweet. Even the gummy middle, that reminds one of tapioca pearls, is sour and delicious.

So, as I was eating fig and grape, the thought kept rolling through my mind that 'all was right in the world, the fig was on the vine'. And even though I KNEW that FIGS don't grow on VINES (DUH), I couldn't help repeating this ridiculous mantra to myself. It took me a while, but I finally realized that my brain was foolishly combining two of my loves; the Jeeves and Wooster stories by Wodehouse, and the American Revolution.

And if you don't understand how that could be, I've written this as the explanation, even if the punch line ended up FAR away from where I originally intended it to end. )
Uploaded for [ profile] zekkass, who has been cruelly deprived of the fourth season of "Jeeves and Wooster". But, if anyone else wants to get their hands on some sweet, sweet, Fry and Laurie love, be my guest!


Return to New York

The Once and Future Ex

Bridegoom Wanted!
I've signed up at [ profile] fanart50 for Jeeves and Wooster fanart. May God have mercy on my soul. Hopefully, I'll actaully accomplish this. Here's the table of the prompts:

1. don't look 26.It's not funny
2.They'll never know 27.Just a Scratch
3. I don't get it 28. what have I done?
4.found it 29. not listening
5.the writing on the wall 30.It was great
6.What now? 31. ghost
7. one more inch 32. new place
8. one more time 33. it's my job
9. protection 34. teacher
10.power 35. liar
11.pleasure 36. cheater
12. waiting 37.Thief
13. growing 38.Closer
14. he's gone 39. that's a new smell
15.take me 40. it's broken
16. leave me 41.Lucky
17. accept it 42. was that for me?
18. cold 43. bring it
19. when I was young 44. it's on
20. I feel old 45. get off
21.I feel better 46. once
22. good morning 47. twice
23. good choice 48. where am I?
24.Not again 49. artist's choice
25. not the end 50. artist's choice

I'll be placing the links to what I draw from it here, so memory this table if you be interested.

For you, [personal profile] swankyfunk.

Jeeves and Wooster Jeeves and Wooster
The first one I drew. I love the Jeeves, but I mucked up Bertie's face. In fact, mucked up all of Bertie really. Am fond of the mirror though.
Jeeves and Wooster 2 Jeeves and Wooster 2
Well, I like this Wooster much better than the last one, but only this time he's too short. Alas. But I do like his face better. Hugh Laurie is nigh impossible for me to draw, but I think I've got that quality of Bertie that is a little puppy dog that always gets kicked and never gets that that's a bad thing. The look of Jeeves' face is merited by the polka dot tie Bertie is wearing. And I love it when Jeeves mixes drinks. I wish I had Jeeves about to mix me up my 6 pm restorative.

Now, back to archaeology!

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