Well, this is a post a long time in coming! I've been meaning to post for the last few weeks about how I had lost my cell phone on the Long Island Railroad...and now I'm posting to tell you the prodigal phone has returned to me!!

The entire tale of its' journey is a long one indeed, epic in many ways, but suffice to say I have a habit of falling into a comatose state while on my 1 hour 45 minute train ride home, and when I awoke to find the train doors were opening at MY stop, I ran off the train, still fuzzy in the brain and sans cell phone (which had fallen out of my pocket) and green scarf (which I had taken off). I only realized this when I got home and some chap called my brother's cell with my phone. This fellow (of whom odes and ballads should be composed and sung but alas, his identity is unknown to me!) wanted to know who to send the phone and scarf too, so I gave him the address for my dad's office and hoped for the best.

Time dragged on, and I feared the worst, that I indeed would never see my cell phone (with all my numbers!) and my green scarf (my very favorite scarf!) ever again. I wondered if the man never sent it...as [livejournal.com profile] singealiene and I mused, perhaps he was a diabolically figure that had no intention of mailing my things, maybe he only wished to raise my hopes so that they might be dashed upon the rocks while he casually tossed my phone about in the comfort of his home and laughed evilly. Or, perhaps my things were lost forever in the Limbo of the US Postal System known as the Dead Letter Room...maybe my things were in Atlanta, Georgia, locked away like the Ark of the Covenant and would be sold off at their yearly auction...

But No. Well, I mean, based on the date of the postage my things DID have quite a journey through the US Postal System, but they have finally arrived, safe and sound after about 3 weeks of phonelessness.


Nella's Back!!

In other news, I've finally read Chesterton's Father Brown series...and I've finally realized who I was drawing when I drew him recently. It's pretty much a less chubby Father John, the priest who was our NYU chaplain when I was a wee little college freshman and the Newman Club (a.k.a. the Catholic Club) was the most glorious time of my college existence.

Grad Alley

May. 9th, 2007 10:16 pm
I went...I saw...I said 'fuck it' and holed myself up in Dojo with the parentals and watched the fireworks in Gould Plaza from there.

Seriously, that many people, practically KILLING each other to get their hands on "free stuff" from NYU?


Tomorrow morning. Commencement in Washington Square Park. I'm trying to figure out where I can hide my cell phone, notebook (Sitting in WSP for 3 hours? You'd bring a notebook too, if you were smart. This is quickly becoming like my high school commencement all over again...), keys, and wallet under my robe (curse you female clothing for having no pockets!!!! CURSE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!)

My gown is ironed, but my cap is too big. I forsee many a comical quick-slid-over-my-eyes.

I'm graduating tomorrow. And right now, I can't think of anything pithy or deep to say for it.


*pulls self together*


It's the little things in life.


Supposedly my stomach couldn't handle the awesomeness that was Max Brenner Chocolate (the parentals and I went there after grad alley for dessert). Now I'm awake, and wish it was 6 rather than 4 am, as I am bored and want to get a move on this day already.

Quick! Someone move up time about two hours!
Today was the last class for Faunal Analysis, and I've got to admit--I'm sad to see it go. I really enjoyed that class. But how could you not enjoy a class that allows you to spend half of your time fondling the comparative anatomy collection that Professor Crabtree has amassed? I already miss the lot of us standing around, with two tibias in our hands and asking each other in frustration if it looks like a sheep or a goat to you.

FYI--"shoat" was always an acceptable answer. As was "geep".

I already miss Crabtree too. I think half the reason I want that lab job in the NYU archaeology lab is just so I can continue to work for Crabtree for a little longer. It's just so gratifying to have a Professor who understands that archaeology of the American Mid-Atlantic prehistoric IS interesting, honest! Never mind that I want to sit at her feet in wide eyed wonder as well, and learn all the ways of the zooarchaeologist.


Though, things are looking up for this Nella! SUNY Stony Brook got back in touch with me, and very suggestively suggested that the Lab position at their archaeology lab is mine…as soon as the grant money falls through. I have no idea when it will or if it even will, so prayers, people! Prayers, good vibes, general evocations….anything you can throw my way that might tip the balance of karma, get too it people!!

AND Leslie at the South Street Seaport Museum has totally just made my DAY! I pretty much sent her a love letter about the Seaport and how I'd love to volunteer my Saturdays for giving tours of the area, as I've already memorized all of that info and want to put it to some good use. But just when I thought that that would make me all kinds of ecstatic, she PWNS my hopes with a; "But of course, and oh, we can PAY you for that on an event-by-event basis!!"

So, my friends, look for updates of South Street Seaport goings-on, walking tours and general historical fangirly events hosted (or, helped with, in the least) by YOURS TRULY!!

…If they give another walking tour of Revolutionary Manhattan, and I get to help with that, I think I could die a happy, fangirly death. Never mind that I'm also hoping to volunteer my weekends on their schooner, the PIONEER. Museum touring AND sailing? Happy, happy death.

May 10th, my graduation from the hallowed halls of NYU, is approaching fast. I'm already frantically missing my access of Bobst Library--that is probably what I'll miss the most about NYU, aside from the friends I'll be leaving. All those LOVELY books.

But meh, I have other things to worry about. Like that final paper I have to write for Faunal Analysis. Luckily, I FINALLY came up with a topic I can write about!--Catastrophic kill sites!! As a child, when I would read about how Native Americans in the west would drive bison herds over a cliff, I would always wonder how they could POSSIBLY process that much meat…well, I'm here to tell you that they DIDN'T, MWHAHAHA!!! They would completely butcher the animals on top, butcher an arm or leg from the middle animals, and COMPLETELY leave the bottom animals to rot/get eaten by scavengers!!

Now just to flesh that out to 5-7 pages with the proper site examples and articles….

'Til next time, this is Nella, signing out!
I'm rather hoping this song is stuck in my head because it'll help me find inspiration for my Prion Paper for "Emerging Diseases"...even though Prion diseases aren't sexual transmitted....

Monty Python's Medical Love Song

I'll just keep editing this post as the evening drags on, as I'm in an LJ-time wasting mood, but dislike spamming other people's f-lists. Expect the usual lj paper-procrastinating nonsense.

EDIT 8:30 pm: *looks around at her paper strewn desk*


*gets her hausfrau on and starts cleaning*

10:10 pm: *desk cleaned and organized, sources amassing for a full frontal assault, when all of a sudden!--*

*saunters into the kitchen for some water, and blinks*


*is NEVER going to make porkchops for dinner AGAIN*

10:37 pm: *DIES!*

Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Nella killed the beast.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:
The deadline for applying for graduation in May is Feb. 2. If you're like me, you still haven't gotten any "heads up!" from NYU (because they suck. Big Hairy Monkey balls too. But mere details, DETAILS!), and know only by the virtue you were curious over Christmas break and looked it up yourself (and then wrote it down on several calenders in really big fucking print so's the reminder would be foolproof).

So, yea. Deadline is tomorrow. And you have to call Torchtone (212-995-4747).
So, the "Intro to Chemistry" lab should be renamed "Idiot's Guide to Chemistry", which is really just to say it is right at my level of scientific know-how; although my lab partner was KILLING me with her spastic way of skipping over practically EVERYTHING we had to do in lab, and how she was positively deer-in-the-headlights over the idea that notes might just be important!! Ok, so maybe the note taking thing is just the archaeology talking, but DAMNIT woman would you PLEASE take a measurement of the table salt BEFORE you dump it in the water! I know the lab today was silly, but humor me and PRETEND like it's a good thing to be precise in your note taking and measurements!!


In other news, I am in love with my "Faunal Remains Analysis" class. I took great pleasure in my professor's attempt to explain WHY it's important to be able to distinguish between animal and human remains, with the punch line being the image of her shifting through the faunal remains from a dig in the middle east, pulling out a human mandible and exclaiming, in a way reminiscent of Invader Zim; "That's not a GOAT!!"

"Emerging Diseases"; a class both highly enjoyable and rather terrifying. To all my New Yorkers! Just think! Our winters rise in temperature just two more degrees and we'll have not only mosquitoes year round, but fun, tropical diseases like malaria and dengue fever to share and share a like!

And talking about emerging diseases, I HIGHLY recommend the movie Ever Since the World Ended; a fake documentary which takes place 12 years after the world population is decimated by a plague, and is about the 168 survivors living in the San Francisco Bay Area. There were a few moments that jarred me out of the reality the movie creates, but over all it felt chilling real, and wasn't a preachy "stop fucking up the world" but a "What would you do?".

Well, those are my two cents, take them as they are.
Seriously, I can not NOT go to his class and not be immensely cheered up. He's like my real life Hymenaeus, only without the weddings. Just a few weeks ago, there was: "For example, I learned my Portuguese during my research of transgendered prostitutes in Brazil. So, if when I go to Portugal to give a talk, I get embarrassed because people come up to me and are like "Don, you talk like such a QUEEN!" and I have to say, "Well I AM, BUT--"

But today takes the cake. We were reviewing an article, and he asked some kid where the author was from, and where she was doing her research (Scotland) The kid tries to cover his ass with "Er...Europe?" And Don's like "A little more specific please" and the kid's like, "Er...Northern Europe?" And Don laughs and is like:

"Eesh try again, try a little less broad, this is important, You can't just say 'Europe'..." and while he's walking to the board to draw the country in question: "The continent of Europe is so WIIIIIIDE, Mein Herr."

I nearly yelled "CABARET!!!" But I definitely jumped in my seat. And now, I want to start a campaign for "Kulick for MC" or something like that.

...What is it about gay men putting me in such a happy place?
I suppose the title is misleading, because I'm not actually going to reflect upon my time in Florence and my return to the States just yet. I was just bored and wanted to break my LJ silence.

That, and I have an idea for a series of Kronk and Pancha drawings that I REALLY want to do after watching Emperor's New Groove this evening. You know the part in the diner, where Kronk asks "Hey don't I know you from somewhere? Wrestled you in High school? Metal shop? Miss Norka's interpretive dance, two semesters! I was always the one in the back with the weak ankles..."

Curse you, drawing bunnies of DOOM!

A new year is here, and I'm back at NYU. Bringth it ON!
oh WHY was it CANCELLED! I was so ready for more Etruscan lovin', I really was!

Now I'm just going to have to go home and draw and study and shit. *sigh*

Another whole week without more Etruscans. Damnit, we were going to touch on their deities and religion today! Come on, you know you'd want to learn about a people who stole Zeus from the Greeks but made him one of 19 OTHER lightening gods!

...Might as well get back to Ricasoli then and start spreading the charcoal love all over my desk.

Expect another post today, seeing as I'll probably procrasti-fuck myself later.
No Professor Ewell, I think you're too cool of a person to fall for the old "and these female figurines are fertility goddesses" tripe!!! Just say NO to the term Venus!!! Don't do it!! They are so much more than just sympathetic magic!! Why the fuck would a hunter gather society want more children!! Children are useless in a society like that, less is more!! Fertility my foot, nevermind that fertility goddesses are depicted as pre mense, mense, AND post-mense, any gyno can look at one and tell you that! NOT FERTILITY!!

*sigh* This is what happens when you've spend a semester studying this shit.

And the caves in Europe as painted TOMBS? TOMBS?!?! OMGWTF there are NO REMAINS expect for the one cave where they all died of CO2 poisoning while in the cave cause caves are hella dangerous like that.

....other than that, the Etruscans class is going well, me gusta.
Wow, I've been working on this bitch since 4 am. My title, you ask?

Take those Damned Gift Baskets and Shove It!

When Nationhood Comes Knocking,
Turn Off the Lights and Hope It Goes Away

A Comparison of Disney's Pocahontas and Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke

Don't ask me what my subject titles are. Trust me.


Mar. 8th, 2005 03:42 am
I slept for all of 4 hours before my body decided that enough was enough. Now, instead of doing my Italian homework, I'm chatting with Brendan and am being COMPLETELY frustrated by HTML. FUCKERS! WHY THE FUCK WON'T THIS PICTURE SHOW UP! I UPLOADED TO THE NYU PUBLIC FOLDER FIRST, IT SHOULD WORK! I FUCKING HATE HTML!!

...for all of you at home, this is what i've got to far. Be warned, none of Lindsay's webpages are done, so DON'T VISIT THEM BEFORE I GIVE THE OK. You don't want to spoil the fun for yourself, do you?

Home to Nella, the NYU Tree.
I have an Italian oral exam tomorrow. And I am fucked. Again. I'm RIGHT at that point of studying where I MIGHT know it, and I MIGHT not fuck up on the test. IF somehow all this information in my head manages to stay in one place and not leave on holiday just when I need it.


On that note, I saw Constantine. And I really liked it. Similiar to the comic only in names. There just HAPPENS to be an chainsmoking excorsit in LA with the same name as some chain smoking blonde punk wannabe mage dude in england, and that's who the movie's about. And...dare I say it...I LIKE KEANU REEVES IN THIS MOVIE.


I donno, he does the demon hunting, cancer dying, taking-on-demons-and-trying-to-get-into-heaven-is-all-in-a-day's-work shtick BEAUTIFULLY. You know when he says a line with such intensity it HURTS? (for example, the trailer to "a scanner darkly" his new movie...when he says "The two halves of my brian are FIGHTING?" you shudder as only a keanu delivered line can make you shudder) Well, guess what...those moments are NEARLY NON EXISTANT in this movie!!!!

AND he's set back the anti tobacco movement by 30 years, he makes smoking look THAT bad ass again.

AND he's reintroduced the black pants/tie/jacket white shirt combo as a sex symbol. Personally...i think it was all the tie.

Damn that tie.

And on that note, the fangirls are going to be ALL over this movie, cause you can slash him with every single male/androygenous character. The girl in the movie didn't have a chance. There's already a section at ff.n for the movie.

On that note...time to go back to being fucked.
Boy, do I have a doozie of an insurance nightmare tale for YOU! But I'm still too floored by human IMCOMPETENCE to expound here.

Instead, I'd like to continue my musings on what BlueCross/BlueShield could POSSIBLY have done to piss NYU off to the point they give you a fucking hard time if you try to use NYU services with BCBS insurance(Co-mused with Brendan):

1) BCBS fucked NYU's sister, and then broadcast it on the internet.

2) BCBS faked a illness to get NYU to fall in love with them.

3) BCBS drank the last of the NYU's milk and put the empty container back in the refrigerator.

4) BCBS forgot to tape the series finale of M*A*S*H for NYU.

5) BCBS ate the last of NYU's Easy Mac.

6) BCBS got really drunk and puked on NYU.


8) BCBS defenestrated* NYU.

9) BCBS stole NYU's girlfriend.

10) BCBS proposed to NYU in a highly embarrassing public way, thinking that if it was a public proposal NYU would be to embarrassed to say "no".

So, anyone want to add other reasons why NYU would hate BCBS's guts?

*Brendan claims that "defenestrated" means " An act of throwing someone or something out of a window."
So, I was in Italian and Gabriella (my teacher) gets it in her head that TODAY we going to DEBATE! ABOUT!...a past president. But since we were all ignorant yokels and couldn't really remember what the big deal about Clinton was ANYWAY, several members of my class convinced her to let us debate about Dubuya. The downside that I think they failed to realize was that there has to be TWO sides to the debate--it couldn't just be us mindlessly ranting in poor Italian about how much Bush sucks, regardless of how much fun that would have been.

Anyway, it was all half assed and half hearted, for in the words of Mike, dude in my class: "Man, it is way to early to be pretending I like Bush." Thus the debate began, and it was definitely on par with my 10th grade class debate on World Peace. Which means it was half hearted, ignorant generalized shit.

BUT!!!...that's not the point of this long winded tale, oh no! No, my friends, like so many other things in my life, the point of this story is Abortion.

And cake.

You see, one girl in my "pro Bush" group at one point said, as a rebuttal, "Aborto e` torto."

Now, I don't know what "Torto" means (but after looking it up in the dictionary, torto means wrong) but I know that "torta" means "cake".

Immediately, a vision of Jenni's Kerry-eating-a-baby icon combined with a remembrance of Lindsay and Erin marching around our old room in Brittany chanting "Feed Us. Feed Us. Fetus. Fetus." burned my inner eye, causing me to blurt out:

"And what if 'Aborto e` una torta?' Then you can have your cake and eat it too."

So, in grand total, I got silence from my classmates, a shudder from Mike, and a laugh and "bene" from my teacher.

And now I've got "Torta di Aborto" stuck in my mind. Who wants to join me in beating this dead horse? Can there be pastries as well? Cannoli's?



Cordially Yours,
Pres. of Students for Life at NYU

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