Much as I love my office job, all this sitting is KILLING me. Now, it's not like I'm an athletic person, far from it. I'm one of nature's laze-abouters. The internet has not helped that in the least. HOWEVER. My body just can't take that sort of abuse. I just CAN'T sit for hours and days on end because my body will become one big pile of HURT. I mean, I managed to wrack up quite a few aches and pains back when I was working in Archaeology, but at least they were strains and things that made sense. Went tramping 2 miles with 50 lbs of bulky equipment? Ok, that ache in my back makes sense! Shifted wet clay for 6+ hours for an entire week? Well, no wonder my arms are sore (and getting a bit toned, nice). Been troweling through glacial fill of highly compacted rocks and dirt? Of COURSE my wrists and forearm is going to be one long OUCH.

But here, while I'm not climbing under/over tables, running up/down stairs, lifting/dragging furniture, I'm sitting on my ass. ALL DAY. I mean, that paper work ain't going to finish itself!

(Oh, that I wish it would!)

But this is causing…problems. Never mind the knots in my shoulders (friends of mine who can beat a back into submission have described as my body's OBVIOUS attempts at building body armor). I've been trying to stretch and stuff, but I just can't shake this absolute PAIN in my lower back. And if I sit for more than an hour, I have to be careful about HOW I get up from my seat. And then I have to be carefully walking for a bit. Which, like I said, IS KILLING ME, because I'm one of those 'sit down/jump up/throw myself back into my chair/leap to my feet again!' sorts.

The minute I start walking and moving and crawling and crouching, my back feels worlds better. But as soon as I sit? I'm back where I started. I can't help but feel this is my body's way of demanding that I get on planning/creating that farming commune of my dreams. 'Look how unhappy I can make you when you aren't outside in the sun and wind and other elements with dirt under your nails and finagling with equipment and dreaming of the things you could grow in a greenhouse complex a'la EPCOT and contemplating the merits of pre-industrial revolution farming methods and the trials and tribulations of goat-raising' it seems to be saying.

ARGH why must I be such a HOBBIT.
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The fate of the MTA fare hike and of commuting NYers' everywhere rests in the hands of a couple of Long Island legislators?

...Holy crap. We are SO FUCKED.

I'd go into my MTA rant here, explaining to all your non-NYCers what's going down and why this is like the End Times for all us poor commuting folks what depend on public trans for our ENTIRE LIVES but...shit son. I just don't have the energy for it.
We’ve been trying to purchase a slew of reproduction antique style light bulbs for one of the rooms downstairs. And because anything that would make my bosses’ lives easier (and by extension mine) is considered VERBOTEN here, my department wasn’t informed that these light bulbs were needed THIS week until THIS Tuesday.

Can I has a panic, plz? YEAZ I’S CAN HAS A PANIC!!

I’ve been juggling between two vendors, and have been dancing the same old dance; this vendor has this and this but not THIS, and this vendor as all three but are out-of-stock on one style, and this one is more expensive but they would get it to us in time, and and and and!—

I just compiled all the information I’ve been able to gleam, and emailed it to MY boss so she could take it to the President so SOMEONE can give us the ok to just PICK ONE ALREADY!—

And this was how I began it.

“ Gather around all ye who hear
the tale I come to tell,
of the great light bulb debacle;
take heed and hear me well.”

Because there comes a point where the only thing that’ll make something less painful is a ballad. Or, at least, the beginning of one.

In other news, this weekend may have well been on of the greatest of my LIFE. It was so epic I’m having trouble remembering all of it. Bits and pieces keep coming back to me, each more awesome than the next. Oh, if only it had been more than a mere weekend! 

In OTHER other news…the sudden cough and fever that laid me low Sunday and Monday and got much better Tuesday…seems to be making a comeback. It does not seem to want to go quietly into that good night, but it HAS TOO BECAUSE DAMMIT I HAVE PLANS!!

That is all. Nella Out.
I'm floored. I can't believe I missed this...trainwreck back when I was all up in the LOTR fandom. [ profile] lunar_wolf will find this interesting as it is very much in the vein of the chronicles of Ms. Scribe regarding the Harry Potter fandom, but one that conned not only internet communities and fans, but the fucking actors from LOTR, mainly Sean Austin.

Finding this has gotten me racking my brains, thinking back to spring 2002. I was in 11th grade, and Fellowship of the Ring had just been released that December. As is my way, I was hooked, and through the brilliant ploy of my fellow school journalist [ profile] niftykracker, we managed to con for ourselves free press passes to ICON, in order that we might actually get to meet Billy Boyd. But, drunk on fandom, I went further than that.

Through, I meet a group of fellow fans that would likewise be attending ICON, including one particular girl that for the life of me I can't remember her name (but I can swear that "Amy" rings far to close a bell in regards to my dealings with the LOTR fandom, and if Nifty will step forward and either shot this down or support it, I would be most grateful).

As is my way, I meet new folk and then I disappear from their lives never to speak to them again. But [ profile] niftykracker kept in contact with this particular girl. This was much to the chagrin of his friends, as it came to light that the girl and another of her friends were completely off their rockers: she believed in astral projection, but on top of that, once while she was driving with Nifty she was "possessed" by Billy Boyd, who was engaged in an astral war against psychic giants. As a result, her and her friend took it upon themselves to help Billy Boyd in this epic astral battle!

Some of the parallels between what I remember of the crazy shit these two came up with, compared with what is detailed at the livejournal of [ profile] turimel hits a little close to home, and makes one sit back and shiver a bit.

The book is called When a Fan Hits the Shit: the livejournal of the author can be found here, and the book site is here.

Creepy ass shit yo.
Many, many things to update about, like camp, and geekdom, and the creation of my website, etc. All sorts of things I just don't have time for just yet, but I would like to point this out to all my Wonka fans out there. I heart Depp's Wonka HARD, but, my gentle readers, he was created a monster in the fandom world. This I found whilst surfing

2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Charlie pleads with Wonka to take in a girl freezing to death outside the factory. But what are the consequences? WWOC

Yea, you know [ profile] singealiene pic of mamary Erik, the phantom of the opera? Well, she's going to have to draw a new one featuring Willy Wonka. Gentle readers, a Willy Wonka "Isolated man takes in orphan who teaches him how to luv" line of fanfic has finally begun. That is right, my phans, Wonka is the new Phantom.

May the LORD have mercy on our souls.
Holy Shit, Full Metal Alchemist, Slash and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, together as ONE?!?!

FUCKING FANGIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU HARD!!!!!!!!

Look, FMA fangirls of the world: you can slash Roy and Ed all you want, whatever, don't care, power to you and their pedophilic relationship, I'm not listening, blah blah...



There are some crossovers that should NEVER BE. BURNS my SOUL. )

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