Irony of Ironies, I've been seriously contemplating procrastinating a'la going to the gym, rather than writing this paper about what policies might be implimented to fight the rising, doughy tide of obesity, as it were. Very:

"Hrum, let's to fight the Bulge?...I know!--I could stop writing this paper and go to the gym! The would fight it! Yea! The end of obesity is the end of writing these damned, ridiculous papers! I need to spread the word! Let this shit be known! I--oh damn, it's 3:20! *gets back to writing!*"

I've decided to pick on the children and how they are all becoming fatty mcfatties^^, as I was once a child myself, and one that hated gym with the firey passion of a thousand burning pretty much, the paper is evolving into everything that would have made me hate life in elementary school. Except for the part where I'm pretty much writing a love letter to recess.

*sheds tear for recess*

400 words down, 600 more to go, and all before 5 pm. Doable, but my only wish? That I didn't need to figure out how to shove these sources I've scrounged up into it.

*points to icon* Show of hands, who ran like a girl in gym! I distinctly remember the gym teacher at my elementary/middle school teasing us girls about that.

*has PTSD flashback* ...oh GOD...the quarter-mile RUN...*whimpers*

^^See this tongue? See how firmly implanted into my cheek it is? GOOD.
It appears [ profile] kathynancygirl and I have been furiously working on our papers all morning, and that's been doing strange things to our senses of humor.

You see, our papers have to be about Prions, a.k.a. them what cause those nasty diseases like Mad Cow and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and Scrapies in sheep.

Well, I've just finished mine...and I totally just used a Guns'n'Roses song title to reference Upton Sinclair's book.

As my last sentence.

I feel like I've just been adopted officially into the hallowed halls of anthropological writing.

*prints it and runs to class!!*
I'm rather hoping this song is stuck in my head because it'll help me find inspiration for my Prion Paper for "Emerging Diseases"...even though Prion diseases aren't sexual transmitted....

Monty Python's Medical Love Song

I'll just keep editing this post as the evening drags on, as I'm in an LJ-time wasting mood, but dislike spamming other people's f-lists. Expect the usual lj paper-procrastinating nonsense.

EDIT 8:30 pm: *looks around at her paper strewn desk*


*gets her hausfrau on and starts cleaning*

10:10 pm: *desk cleaned and organized, sources amassing for a full frontal assault, when all of a sudden!--*

*saunters into the kitchen for some water, and blinks*


*is NEVER going to make porkchops for dinner AGAIN*

10:37 pm: *DIES!*

Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was Nella killed the beast.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:
Wow, I've been working on this bitch since 4 am. My title, you ask?

Take those Damned Gift Baskets and Shove It!

When Nationhood Comes Knocking,
Turn Off the Lights and Hope It Goes Away

A Comparison of Disney's Pocahontas and Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke

Don't ask me what my subject titles are. Trust me.
Eh. I have roughly 12 hours in which to finish this damned Disney/Miyzaki paper. Like Lindsay, I have to come up with a clever title for my comparison of Mononoke and Pocahontas, but my brain isn't quite up to clever title thinking yet. All I keep doing is repeating to myself that it's ONLY a 7 page paper, and that's one 3.5 pages single spaced. Only 3.5 pages...

I am so over this SCHOOL stuff.

And [ profile] desperatefans is my new crack.

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