Seriously guys, every time I watch this, FUCKING CHILLS DOWN MY SPINE IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY.

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*Desperately wants to see Le Miz again*
Me: *sitting at the table, using teh internets and minding my own business*


Me: *has heard none of the above. Alice had nothing on me when it comes to A World of Her Own*

Brother: .........blah?

Me: *Bliss! Internet bliss!*

Brother: *eyes narrows*

Me: *Oblivious bliss!--wtf, is that a HAND creeping over my screen?!?!* Eh?

*Brother cackles as he pokes my keyboard and blocks my screen*


Brother: MWHAHAHA I in ur Fortress o' Solitood, killing ur doodz!!--

Me: *shakes fist!* CUUUUUUUURSE YOU LEX LUTHOR!!!!!


And to make this post not a total waste...Oh Justin. How I love thee. In Middle School I SCOFFED at such a thought, I KNOW! But now...*happy sigh!*

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Oh, Clooney. How could I forget how much I love you?

Skip to 1:30, and watch George Clooney explain why he has to move now. ^_^
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I had to watch ALL those safety videos for Target...I only WISH that had been this funny.

Oh. Germany. *heart!*

SERIOUS warning though, this thing is REALLY, REALLY gory.

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And for something completely innocous and work herders.
Not much to say from my neck of the 'burbs, except for


I mean, it's nowhere near the Bee-manity of my last insect-inspired post, but there's still glory to be found in slow motion video of insects getting creamed...literally!

yoinked from [ profile] mosellegreen

EDIT: Zooillogix may have just become my second favorite blog ever (Nothing can shift the blog "Boston 1775" from my heart--NOTHING I SAY!!!), if only for THIS post.
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I'm pretty sure [ profile] zekkass introduced this CRACK! catchy song to me...


*gets back to studying Chemistry with this song playing in the background*

*sings along*

And if my cat looks scared,
it's because he knows
He won't be going to Heaven...

EDIT: This is dedicated to anyone who ever wanted to GOUGE they eyes out for the Black Hole of Time Filler known as "Atlantica" in Kingdom Heart 1 & 2
This is old news, but I'm yoinking the link from [ profile] mosellegreen because some things are just too awesome not to share.

It turns out that on March 2nd, The Swiss invaded Lichtenstein.


Also, I think we can all use a little bit of the very scottish comedian Billy Connolly speaking about facing the many natural dangers of Australia.
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I'm holding on to the hope that come spring break, I'll triumphantly return from the dead, and you'll be hearing more from me.
I have Dan, Phil, and Wyatt to thank for introducing me to this.

Why do I have the strongest desire to hug Terry Tate, Office Linebacker? EQUAL OPPERTUNITY HITTING MACHINE, BABY!

1) Terry Tate, Office Linebacker"

2) Terry Tate: Draft Day
MWHAHAH!! ASS SLAP!!! "It's true what they say: what's better than having one linebacker in your office, than having TWO linebackers in your office?"

AND THEN, at the end of this clip, there a brief bout of German! Everyone SQUEE with me now!

3) Terry Tate Takes a Vacation Just cause he's on Vacation, don't mean he's out to LUNCH! He comes to PLAY BABY!

4) Terry Tate has to undergo Sensitivity Training.

5) Terry Tate, Office Athlete of the Century But no matter what, Terry Tate KICKS ASS.
Brilliant spoofs of the Mac/PC commercials!!

1) Performance

2) Udgrading

3) Security

4) Portability

5) Gaming

6) Networking
As much as I fear this Bone Test, I do so adore Forensic Anthropology. And I do so love my professor and some of the shit she'll say in class. For example, after speaking to great length about the scarring on the pubic symphsis that results from birthing, and about how the pubic symphsis is ripped apart during birth (you know, where the pelvis meets in the front), she finally noticed the mass of winces amoungst the females of the class. After pausing, she gave a sort of apologetic evil grin. "I've just created a room full of woman who won't ever give birth now. My evil plan for fighting overpopulation is working. Mwhaha."

And, because it's the thing to do and I am a lemming, youtube links!!

This. Is. Crack. There's unicorns, and Candy mountain, and an ending that wins. HARD.

And for those of you familiar with Star Trek: TNG. Picard...sings?

And finally, Threepenny Opera 2006 clips!! *fangirls!!*

The Ballad of the Pimp, as preformed at the Emmy's. Alan Cumming+Cindi Lauper=LOVE. A very, very twistedly awesome love.

And my Favorite song from Threepenny Opera, The Army Song.

And...back to studying. :(
I found this star wars fan vid a while back, and it made me laugh a touch harder then it should have. But what we have here a Han/Leia Han/Luke fan vid set to "Did You Ever Have to Make up Your Mind", and I need to share the blasphemy the love with [ profile] leiasolo8, so I just uploaded it to youtube.

Just wait until you get to the bit with Vader, which entirely makes the WHOLE video worth it.

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