Oct. 1st, 2007

Thousand and one things I suppose I could talk about, but my mind's feeling all jumbled so I think I'll try to run through them quick. This post was going to be an update of all the important happens in the life of this Nella, but I ended up writing so much about the Stony Brook Human Evolution Symposium that I'll save the rest for another post.

SUNY and Leakey and Lucy, oh my!...continue for a longish talk of all things physically anthropological. )
I had, however, a positively surreal moment at this symposium, and during the lunch break. The absolutely surreal moment of the day, however, was not just running into Captain Linzee--my high school sailing coach and a man who could put Thomas Jefferson to shame for living his life through a haze of bong smoke*--but watching Captain Linzee speaking with Professor Harrison (from NYU) over lunch. I think it broke my brain a wee bit, seeing two bits of my world collide over chicken curry and beef with broccoli. I almost wanted to warn Prof. Harrison to run while Linzee was taking a breath (much as I like the man, he does have a frustrating ability to talk another human being to DEATH), but Prof. Harrison seemed to be holding his own.

*When I was a junior in high school--or perhaps I was a sophomore--there was a chap at my school name Doug Bland. One day [livejournal.com profile] vengefulbuddha and I happened upon him outside--he was given a work suspension for some rule breaking or another--and we got to talking with him, cause he was an amusing and clever fellow. [livejournal.com profile] vengefulbuddha and I were both on the sailing team and had many a tale to tell of Captain Linzee's ability to live and reason outside of reality. To which Bland made note that that was because "Mr. Linzee lives his life through a haze of bong smoke". And considering the Captain is Jefferson only without the slaves (though, the alumni and current members of the sailing team might protest that), it is a sentiment I have often employed when discussing our third president.
I need to add, since this work is being conducted for a private developer, none of this is supposed to be public knowledge. All information should be kept confidential.

…Well, that may put a damper on this post.

As some of you might know, I recently send my resume to an archaeology consultants company in hopes for jobs and better things. While there wasn't a full time position, there were several temporary positions that needed to be filled. So, I ran to Target, threw all of my hours for the next two weeks up onto the switch board, started calling some favors people there owe me, and tomorrow I'm driving up to Fishkill NY to work on a two week excavation of a Revolutionary War-era site. I'll be working Mon-Fri, 8 hour days. The motel is being paid for by the company, and the fact I have the weekend off means there are two chaps upstate that are POSITIVELY going to be getting a visit from me whether they like it or not! (so, [livejournal.com profile] rathbandu and [livejournal.com profile] neo_ninja--you had better like it! ^_^).

I am so excited I've been running around like mad. My duffel was packed last night, and I've been pulling up google maps of the area all day, plotting my drive up there. I feel like tomorrow's Christmas and goddamn I've been a good girl this year. Of course, I HOPE I can get all of my days (only four) at Target covered so I don't technically have to call out/get fired…but come on? Archaeology…Target…archaeology…Target….archaeology…Target…

Yep. Archaeology wins.

I WISH I could go into more details, but *points to above*. As I'm hoping to woo my way into a more permanent job with this firm, I don't want to fuck with the 'Berg, so to speak.

Fear not, the motel's got wireless...so while I'm not reading about New York State SHPO regulations, you'll probably catch me online. Depending on how whip-cracky these people are.

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