Do you like women in bodices performing Shakespeare while fighting with swords? And arcade games?

(If you don't, I will be forced to revoke your Nella Friendship Card. Sorry, but you've brought it upon yourself)

If so, I have something VERY relevant to your interests.

"Rapier Wit" featuring Vixens En Gard, performing (among other days) this Saturday 12/4 at 2pm at the Brick (575 Metropolitan Avenue, 575 Metropolitan Avenue)

Here, I'll let the show's description speak for itself: )

The show is 90 minutes, and after wards (because it is in peachy convenient walking distance) I'm going to Barcade: It's a bar…and an arcade…which admit it, is EVERYTHING you hoped adulthood would be when you were a kid.

Barcade is located at 388 Union between Ainslie and Powers streets.

Directions from Brick Theater to Barcade: Look how EASY I've made it for you all! )

So, let me know if you're coming/are intrigued/want my phone number so we can meet up at some point that day! LET'S DO THIS!

I write like
J. R. R. Tolkien

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-my brother is still an asshole, but an asshole that appears to be coming to his senses. One hopes. We shall see.

-I have not been fandom-squeeing enough. THIS SADDENS ME. I am saddened.


-Am watching a Who episode right now. Am NOT paying attention to it :(

- I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE: I've not watched any of Merlin Season 3 yet. I just don't want to be heartbroken, and I don't think I'm all to keen about where they seem to be going with Morgana and stuff. I DON'T THINK I CAN WATCH MERLIN ALONE, IS WHAT I'M SAYING. I THINK I NEED AN ADULT, OR AN APPROPRIATE FANGIRL NEXT TO ME SO I CAN REMEMBER WHAT THE SQUEE IS ALL ABOUT. :(

-Two weeks ago because my Boss!Lady injured herself and was out the whole week, I dealt with the IT guy for our COMPUTER ISSUES OF INSANITY AND GRAY-HAIR INDUCTING MAYHEM (SERIOUSLY, I FOUND A GRAY HAIR THE NEXT WEEK. I BLAME THE COMPUTERS!!). We talked lots. In short, I now have a WEE BIT OF A UBER CRUSH ON IT GUY. D:

-On Friday night, I drunk texted my Boss!Lady about IT guy and my wee-bit-of-an-uber-crush-on-him. DDD:

-She didn't tease me as mercilessly as she could have. I think she finds it adorable instead. O_o ALSO IT TURNS OUT IT GUY LIKES BEER I MUST LAY MY TRAP.

-I don't know what I am drinking, but it's TERRIBLE and I should really just dump it down the sink.

-I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I don't really like my story. But I AM able to write 1000 words in 30 minute sprints, so I'm pretty much ahead/on track. Just...MEH.

-I want to have another geek-together sometime either this week or next. STAY TUNED!

-SERIOUSLY, I have to dump this drink down the drain, I don't know WHAT I was thinking but it is DISGUSTING.

That is all.

Nella OUT.
1. Registration for Minimerlin is open! This is important, you guys. IF YOU WANT TO GO TO THE CON THEN YOU HAVE TO FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM ON THAT POST. Right now, all you have to pay is the $25 registration fee, which goes toward the con suite as well as food and beverages.

SO!!! IF YOU WERE PLANNING ON COMING TO PHILLY WITH ME ([ profile] wheres_walnut, [ profile] iheartweasleys, [ profile] liasbuttissexy) GO AND REGISTER SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT!

ALSO...[ profile] pasty_pants--it appears I DO have a spot for you in the car. Think you can come after all? The spot is yours unless you give me a definite NAY.
I know it's Friday, but the sentiments of the above icon are the same.

Everything and anything that could happen today at work, is happening. Lady!Boss is out, which means in the immortal words of the Minister from Blazing Saddles: 'Kid, you're on your own."

However, it's warms the cockles of my heart to know no matter what, the universe deems it necessary that I be sprawled out on top of a table, fiddling with the projector's settings just when the rather cute looking computer program specialist who's giving the presentation I'm setting the projector up for walks in. And I DO MEAN SPRAWLED. Damnit Jim those tables are extremely large, and the projector sits right in the middle! I don't have the arm length to handle that without crawling on top of the table!

*HEAD DESK* Well, at least I'm good for amusing rather cute tech-y boys on Friday mornings.

STILL SITTING ON SENDING OUT THE INFORMATION FOR MY ST_NYC_GQMFS HALLOWEEN PLANS. *DIES* Just waiting on ONE minor-but-really-not-SO-minor detail...but other than that, the info is--NEARLY completely typed and ready to go out. But goddamn. There's no way in HELL I'm doing any meet-up planning in November, much as I love THAT ENTIRE COMM.

Well, at least my HAIR WAS CUT LAST NIGHT WOOOOOOOOH!! INVERTED BOB FTW! They did blow it out for free as I was a newbie at the salon, so it's PIN straight right now. The novelty of silky smooth straight hair amuses me, but tomorrow it'll be back to the regularly scheduled programming of curls, AND with the addition of some SERIOUS organic weekly hair oil masque thingie that is suppose to keep my hair wonderfully shiny and curly without getting oily and heavy. Although, if Agent Anachronism ever needs a Evil!Mirror!Universe version of herself, the evil Anachronism is SOOOO going to have straight hair. I feel so…DIABOLICAL with straight hair. MWHA. MWHAHAHAHA.

AH WELL back to work. Though, I really should get a picture of my hair, for posterity's sake.

I found this article from Wired about mini weapons you can make out of office supplies. After a brief internal debate, I sent the link to my Lady Boss. Now, I debated sending her this link NOT because I was afraid she'd think I was wasting my time goofing off on the internet, but because she's already got deadly enough aim as is with regular paper clips and rubber bands. But I resolved to damn the consequences anyway, and shared the article.

We just spent an hour constructing and goofing around with a ruler/rubber band/gaffers' tape crossbow. We're using the bag of chopsticks we got from the last food convention our work place hosted as ammunition. And the speed and distance this thing is capable of is AWESOME. We haven't yet been able to test it in the Drill Hall, so we don't yet know its' absolute range.

But yea, if we were to use a sharpened number 2 pencil rather than dull chopsticks, this thing could fucking HURT.

Don't have my actual camera, so camera phone will have to suffice… )

Seriously you guys, I want to work wherever my Lady Boss works. Where she goes, I want to fucking follow. I just can't bear the thought of working with people who would think office weaponry would somehow be a BAD idea.



EDIT OF O'GOD I'VE CREATED A MONSTER: Lady Boss just put a plastic ball on my head and told me not to move. Luckily the crossbow misfired 3 times so she gave up, but she says I get points for being a good sport. Dude, I just didn't want to get shot in the eye or the ear.
If there had been a medieval heavy fighting exercise program my parents could have signed me up for as a child, I think I would have been a far, far thinner person today.

Ok, fine, a much more TONED person. Let's be realistic here.

But wow, I finally have a fit-ispiration guys! It's only taken me, what, 24 years?

So, today I drove to a slightly sketchy looking part of Brooklyn, to meet the Brooklyn SCA* group and to practice sword fighting in a some-what-sketchy-but-really-fine-once-you-got-to-know-it warehouse along the waterfront.

I only intended to hang around for an hour or two, learn a basic step, get some information, get a feel for the thing. Didn't manage to drag myself away until 5 pm, and only because my arm was starting to get too tired to hold the shield and the practice sword in the proper positions anymore.

Who knew I could be a wee bit of a natural at heavy sword fighting? I suspect it was all that baseball in my youth; swinging heavy sticks around, you know how it is. I was a slugger up at bat, after all...whenever I had the patience to actually wait for a good ball, that is. ^_^;;;

But I got precise enough at the first basic move today that the guy helping me got me started on learning the next move; he confessed he usually didn't get to teach the second one until a person's third practice. Um, GO NELLA!! And I got graduated to a bigger shield too--"a warrior's shield" all the dudes joked.

But yea, I've got a LOT to work to do on my arm strength--not because it puts any force in your swing, all that power comes from your hips and core (it's all in the twisting motion guys!), but just for holding up the shield and sword for longer than, like 10 minutes. Ouch. Also, seriously need it for holding the sword steady in the swing itself. So I've already attacked my trainer-roommate for suggestions about what I could do to build up my strength.

...I've never wanted to master something so badly before. Oh, It's On Now, guys. Now I'm itching to get my hands on a practice sword and shield so I get used to the weight. I want to get good enough for combat. I want to use the dirty tricks I saw the other guys using today with their shields for melee.

......I'm going to be SO FRICKIN' SORE TOMORROW THOUGH. It's going to be AWESOME, guys.

*Society for Creative Anachronism
So, I was puttering around the building last Friday, waiting for the maintenance guys to finish installing the new reproduction light bulbs in the BoO room (which, btw, look absolutely period-ly FABULOUS), and I had wandered into the next room, which is usually all closed off for it is in bad need of restoration, and we tend to store ladders and things in the bathroom attached to it.

So I’m wandering around it, taking in the details, when my eye is caught by the tiled fireplace. “What lovely tiles!” I thought to myself. “Let’s have a closer look! Oh, look, there appear to be five tiles depicting scenes from some medieval story. Huh…that one looks like Viviene, the lady of the lake, seduced and trapping Merlin in a tree HOLY SHIAT IT IS VIVIENE, HER NAME’S AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TILE!! AND THAT’S GUINIVERE IN A SWOON AND THAT’S GARETH BEING ALL KITCHEN BOY-Y WHILE HIS LOVE THE PRINCESS DERIDES HIM (HOW PRINCESS BRIDE OF YOU GARETH!) AND THAT’S GAHERIS KILLING HIS MOTHER WHILE HER LOVER RUNS OFF AND THERE’S ISEULT LOOKING REALLY BORED AND AND AND AND!—

When I pulled my boss into the room with a squee and pointed them out, she just sorta stared and said only I would notice such a detail.

…it wasn’t like I was LOOKING for Arthurian legend in my every day life.

Though, thank you gilded age (technically post) Pre-Raphaelite movement. You fill my life with unexpected awesomeness.
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So, here I am at work, trying to catch up on paperwork, typing away, adding work order to the Excel Spreadsheet, when my fingers pause over this gem. I found myself typing this:

Set up one of our projection screens in front of the Book of the Dead--

…Dude, we have a Book of the DEAD?

Ok, ok, I know, I know. ‘But Nella!’ my public cries, ‘You work in an Armory; of COURSE there’s a Book of the Dead, there were a lot of chaps who marched off to war and who didn’t march back after all!’

And that is a very reasonable and logical point HOWEVER I’m going to pretend that it’s a necronomicon or some other Book of Dark Evil and enjoy my fantasy, thank you very much!

--Er…No Offense intended towards the Glorious Dead. *nervous grin*
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'Cause I found mine last weekend.

Or, more truthfully, I made mine.

I'd never thrown ceramics on a wheel before, and last weekend while I was up a New Paltz, joined in the Holy Fellowship of Defeating Resident Evil 5, of Romping Madly through the woods with a camera and an overwhelming willingness to look silly in front of it, and of Quaffing Lots of the Mead and Cider and Beer, [ profile] neo_ninja's roomie Jessie took us to the SUNY's art studio and taught us the ways of the clay and wheel.

And for my first time, I MADE A GRAIL.

Why Yes, I have found my Grail. It's right under this cut! )

IF it survives the kiln (I've been having nightmares of air bubbles. *shudder*), it shall emerge with a green glaze, and I shall bear it forth, and shall decorate it with gild and pearls and I shall dub it The Chalice of the Green Knight.

Because really, if you're GOING to be a dork, you may as well go all out.

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