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Aug. 2nd, 2010 03:19 pm
Once again, long time no post gentle F-list. I finally do have internet again (a thousand huzzahs!) and even better—or worse, depending on your feelings—I have…


It is equally parts wonderful ('Golden Girls'!) and horrifying ('I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'.). I don't know how I feel about it yet.

In other news, the paint is FINALLY going up on the walls of my apartment, but the flooring and furniture still haven't been put down. Annoying, but I can't help but be cheerful because it IS all finally coming together, and I'm finally learned patience in the matter of Setting into my New Place.

In OTHER other news, I may go to the Speakeasy at the City of New York Museum this Wednesday. Anyone want to come with? Just, it's 15 bucks to get in, but that includes a drink ticket and admission to Prohibition themed exhibits. AND this week there'll be an orchestra performing! It'll be great! Let's go! XD

Aaaaaaaand....that's about it. Now, back to work!
So—we need to get into the big safe downstairs, to access the portraits we stored in it to give them to the guys that drove all the way from Albany today just for them.

Problem One: The Head of Security is the only person with the combinations number. He keeps it in his wallet.

Problem Two: He was suppose to be in today, but called in sick—his wife was taking him to the hospital. No word as to Why, or How Serious, so naturally we’re all worried. And, since he’s at the hospital, even though he’s usually attached to his Iphone like it’s’ a parasite twin, he is incommunicado.

Problem Three: The dudes from Albany have to leave this afternoon. Early. Albany, after all, is quite a ways away.

Problem Four: Old locksmith that solved the problem before has been called; but as he didn’t save any of the info from the last time he cracked this safe, he has to start from scratch and that is going to Take Time.

Dude, where is Lord Gloria a.k.a. Eroica when you need him!? Seriously, it’s for a series of portraits in the safe, this is right up his alley and perfect for his expertise!

In Happier News: My boss brought back salt water taffy from Atlantic City. It’s actually quite delicious.

For Something Completely Different: I just realized—I’m a newly minted 24 today, and it’s the 24th.

…I’m ACTUALLY regretting not having planned something silly and Dronish for this evening.

I MAY have to desperately try to rectify that. Hrum….

THIS JUST IN: WE HAVE THE COMBINATION! I REPEAT, WE HAVE THE COMBINATION!! just have to figure out how many times to turn it and in which direction. *HEAD DESK*

AND FINAL UPDATE!: Disaster Averted, the boss!boss cracked the combo, and got in. Rather anti-climatically too, might I add.

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