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I apologize for the long silence. It's been an odd sort of week, but well worth the self imposed exile from friends and family so far. Of course, be sure to ask me if it was worth it a few more weeks from now, when this Maryland sun has been getting the best of me and I've had it up to my neck with glass bits and rusty nails and compacted dirt of SUCK my BALLS.

Allow me to expound:

For those of you who may not be in the know, I’ve signed up for a six week archaeological field school down here with the University of Maryland. For two weeks we’re digging in the city of Parole, which is a part of Annapolis, and the next four we’ll be at the Wye House across the Bay Bridge. It’s about 15 of us, with about 5 instructors and a few overlords of not so evil. Actually, quite chipper and fun. Maybe it’s the fact that anyone who DOES sign up for field school is more than realistic about how we are just plebs in the archaeological world and it will be years before any of us are skilled enough in the art of archaeology to merit a job with a salary one can live comfortable off of, but the lack of egos amongst my fellow future archaeologist is a relief and a joy. They possess a vibe that I never really felt from most of the students in the anthropology department (but then again, there’s something about being in the city that I think gives one the false confidence that no matter what, a successful future is in the bag as soon as you graduate. Or perhaps it’s just because Stern is in such a close proximity. Who knows?). I really can’t emphasis enough how friendly and awesome and down to earth they all have been so far, even though they all seem to know each other from the U. of M., and I’m the northern infiltrator. ^_^ Also, the instructors are a blast. I don’t get it, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt such easy camaraderie before in a school type setting before.

Mid week, we moved from our original site in Parole to a new one, the yard of Mt. Olive AME Church. Test pits dug, we found bone, nails, and a Minie Ball, and indentations that we hope with bated breathe are privies (forgive the godawful pun, but one can find some amazing shit thrown down the privy for safekeeping. Seriously.)

I’m working on a 5’5’ square that pulled up a lot of bone, but the dirt’s being a compacted, rusty bitch, so with a trowel it’s slow going. And never mind that the sun is also so strong that I’ve been getting burned even with sunblock on. I curse my fair skin, CURSE IT!

Though, it’s a little disconcerting to have big-ass turkey vultures watching you from a nearby roof line, one going so far as to perch on top of the Church’s cross. How…Poe.

JP is a dolt who went to New York this weekend to go to an art show of some sort, instead of staying in Maryland and waiting for my call with bated breathe. FHEH, I say. FHEH! So, I’m on my own this weekend, and Cars appears to be in my future this evening, to whittle away some time.

Five more weeks, my friends, and then I shall return triumphant to the state I adore and the city I love! Or, at least I shall be in closer proximity to the city I love.

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