Feb. 10th, 2010

Much as I love my office job, all this sitting is KILLING me. Now, it's not like I'm an athletic person, far from it. I'm one of nature's laze-abouters. The internet has not helped that in the least. HOWEVER. My body just can't take that sort of abuse. I just CAN'T sit for hours and days on end because my body will become one big pile of HURT. I mean, I managed to wrack up quite a few aches and pains back when I was working in Archaeology, but at least they were strains and things that made sense. Went tramping 2 miles with 50 lbs of bulky equipment? Ok, that ache in my back makes sense! Shifted wet clay for 6+ hours for an entire week? Well, no wonder my arms are sore (and getting a bit toned, nice). Been troweling through glacial fill of highly compacted rocks and dirt? Of COURSE my wrists and forearm is going to be one long OUCH.

But here, while I'm not climbing under/over tables, running up/down stairs, lifting/dragging furniture, I'm sitting on my ass. ALL DAY. I mean, that paper work ain't going to finish itself!

(Oh, that I wish it would!)

But this is causing…problems. Never mind the knots in my shoulders (friends of mine who can beat a back into submission have described as my body's OBVIOUS attempts at building body armor). I've been trying to stretch and stuff, but I just can't shake this absolute PAIN in my lower back. And if I sit for more than an hour, I have to be careful about HOW I get up from my seat. And then I have to be carefully walking for a bit. Which, like I said, IS KILLING ME, because I'm one of those 'sit down/jump up/throw myself back into my chair/leap to my feet again!' sorts.

The minute I start walking and moving and crawling and crouching, my back feels worlds better. But as soon as I sit? I'm back where I started. I can't help but feel this is my body's way of demanding that I get on planning/creating that farming commune of my dreams. 'Look how unhappy I can make you when you aren't outside in the sun and wind and other elements with dirt under your nails and finagling with equipment and dreaming of the things you could grow in a greenhouse complex a'la EPCOT and contemplating the merits of pre-industrial revolution farming methods and the trials and tribulations of goat-raising' it seems to be saying.

ARGH why must I be such a HOBBIT.

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