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So, motel TOTALLY doesn't have wireless. Or let me correct that. MY room has no wireless. The other building does, but it's touch and go at best. So, here I sit in a Panera of all places, where the wireless is free and the bread is DELICIOUS.

The dig goes well, or as well as a dig can go that was planned by people who wouldn't know the digged end of a trowel if you HANDED it to them. The field directors are improvising to the best of their ability, but yes, I am convinced the people that run this show back in the office A) don't understand what a dig entails and B) have no conception of how to properly budget a dig.

For example, there are only four people total digging. This week we have to excavate 6 1 meter x 1 meter units. No biggie, we finished three today, started the fourth. Next week however, comes the back hoe for the trenching. The Powers That Be decided that the back how would excavation nearly 1500 feet of trenches, and that we, we four, we hapless band of archaeologists we, would shift 100% of the dirt dug out.

ALL THAT DIRT. IN A WEEK. I don't even know how to put this in perspective without taking a picture of the aftermath, because SHIT SON, that's a LOT OF DIRT. MAYBE if you had 6 weeks and a crew of 14 (bemoaned the two old school field directors) it would be feasible. BUT A WEEK?!?!

So, the proposal has been tweaked to shifting only 20%...which means NOTHING really, so we're just going to shift every 5th bucket.

In other news, the site is pleasant, and is in the woods. Excavation is a bitch cause there are cobbles EVERYWHERE and every time the trowel/shovel/fucking pickaxe hits one the vibration goes right up my arm and rests in my wrists. My hands are still shaking a little bit. The motel is creepy and totally shady. Damned good thing there wasn't an old Victorian House on the hill and the owners are Indian, cause otherwise I might not dare a shower. If all goes well tomorrow I MAY be in New Paltz for the weekend. It's either New Paltz or go back home. I donno yet. But there's no way in hell I'm spending the weekend in that motel alone. Seriously.

Well, later! The battery's running low and I've got things to read before the night is out.

Date: 2007-10-05 07:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cherry-stems.livejournal.com
if you are home this weekend, give me a call! i'll be on long island saturday to monday and in your neck of the woods for some time on saturday, so we should hang out.
p.s. thank you for the job vibes! i totally got one!

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