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Waiting in line last night for District 9, I was sandwiched between a group of guys—one of whom was wearing a yellow shirt that read Kirk Spock McCoy Sulu Chekov Uhura Scotty--and a guy and a girl who were playing Scrabble on their iphone. The guy used "Andorian" as a word. All I could think was "this needs a twittering."

My God. What would I have done had I been born before the Age of Fandom?

In regards to Distict 9...I wish I was intelligent enough to give it a review that would do it justice. I don’t even know if I’d want to review it, because I’d probably spoil it, and boy oh boy, for the first time…I really, REALLY don’t want to do that to ANYONE. But whatever that review would be, it would most definitely be sub-titled:

District 9: "Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most...Human"

Oh, fuck it, here’s what thoughts I wrote on the long subway ride from hell back to Queens this morning at 2:30 am. It’s long, rambling, and about as deep as I can get, which is probably quite shallow. Maybe minor spoilers? My movie reviewing rights should be revoked. You have been warned. )

Also last evening, the Hip Obscurity fundraiser was a great success! It was also an insane amount of fun! I had a great time MCing the Trivia portion—that is, I had great fun when I wasn’t battling wits with a shoddy microphone. It was frustrating to no end, though everyone told me afterwards as MC I handled the microphone SNAFU bullshit like a pro.

I suppose being a pro entails dancing around the room like a child on the verge of a temper tantrum hopped up on sugar while violently blaspheming against God, Jesus, his Mother and all the Saints. Whodathunk?

Holy God, am I really only running on 4 hours of sleep?

So, I was at [ profile] mirroriste's place today after work; watching Trek, knitting, and generally hanging out. We were chatting about this and that, and in ANOTHER case of my world being AN INSANELY SMALL ONE, I came to the startling realization that I had run into her once LONG before [ profile] ontd_startrek.

The Time was Summer 2008. The place was NY Comic Con. I was still living with my parents on Long Island, and that morning I had made plans for a lazy summer's day, one of pool and gardening. That was when I got the call from Lindsay; "If you can get to the Javits Center by 3 pm and be my camera bitch, I can get you into Comic Con for free. You could catch the Hellboy 2 panel!" said she.

With a quick shower and a mad dash to the train station, I made it to Comic Con in time! And after enjoying various panels and things, I paid my pound of flesh by being Lindsay's camera whore as she video-interviewed various people about their cosplay costumes for a website she was interning for.


For the LIFE of me, I had been trying to figure out WHY her voice and face were so familiar! But as we discussed our respective fandom histories, she brought up that she had been in the Kingdom Hearts fandom, and a little light bulb went off in my head.

"Do you cosplay?" I asked. Yes. "Did you go to Comic Con?" Yep! "...Were you King Mickey Organization XIII style?" ...Yea?

THE INTERVIEW'S EMBEDDED BELOW! GO AND WATCH!! Clips of her are interspersed within the vid!!

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My roommate, [ profile] muneybags6, was raised as Catholic as me, which means long, brutal years of shame, guilt, and plaid. I mean, I've know this chick since we were wee little first graders in a class of 36 other impressionable souls wearing pleated jumpers and shit.

So imagine my GOBSMACKED face when [ profile] andic213 begins yelling from the other room: "ANTONELLA!! CATHOLIC FAIL!!! CATHOLIC FAIL!!"

Me: *intrigued, rises from bed* What?

[ profile] andic213: Your roommate thought this Friday was called Black Friday! CATHOLIC FAIL!

[ profile] muneybags6: I thought it was Black Friday!...but that's that shopping day after Thanksgiving.


[ profile] andic213: It's Good Friday! Catholic FAIL!!!!


Seriously, muneybags. You didn't make the baby Jesus cry, but he's certainly sighing and shaking his head sadly. FOR SHAME.


...Though, honestly, Godsmacked is, dare I say, more fitting.
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So, here I am at work, trying to catch up on paperwork, typing away, adding work order to the Excel Spreadsheet, when my fingers pause over this gem. I found myself typing this:

Set up one of our projection screens in front of the Book of the Dead--

…Dude, we have a Book of the DEAD?

Ok, ok, I know, I know. ‘But Nella!’ my public cries, ‘You work in an Armory; of COURSE there’s a Book of the Dead, there were a lot of chaps who marched off to war and who didn’t march back after all!’

And that is a very reasonable and logical point HOWEVER I’m going to pretend that it’s a necronomicon or some other Book of Dark Evil and enjoy my fantasy, thank you very much!

--Er…No Offense intended towards the Glorious Dead. *nervous grin*
Me: *sitting at the table, using teh internets and minding my own business*


Me: *has heard none of the above. Alice had nothing on me when it comes to A World of Her Own*

Brother: .........blah?

Me: *Bliss! Internet bliss!*

Brother: *eyes narrows*

Me: *Oblivious bliss!--wtf, is that a HAND creeping over my screen?!?!* Eh?

*Brother cackles as he pokes my keyboard and blocks my screen*


Brother: MWHAHAHA I in ur Fortress o' Solitood, killing ur doodz!!--

Me: *shakes fist!* CUUUUUUUURSE YOU LEX LUTHOR!!!!!


And to make this post not a total waste...Oh Justin. How I love thee. In Middle School I SCOFFED at such a thought, I KNOW! But now...*happy sigh!*

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I would go to Sweden just to see THIS SHIP.

That is all.
...But in the meanwhile--

[ profile] singealiene didn't believe me when I told her there was a comic that had Batman toting around a baby for a day as he fought crime. I says there was one. She says it was a webcomic. I claim ignorance, and my only defense is that it don't look like a webcomic to me.


That is all.

EDIT: changed "toking" to "toting"...cause you CARRY babies, you don't SMOKE them. *head desk*
The archaeology consulting firm officed at Bowling Green replied to the inquiry I sent them over their website! Now they want me to send my resume...which means by tomorrow, I have to learn everything there ever was to learn about their firm and what they do, so that I might woo them with the cover letter I most definitely should include. ('Why, yes, these are all the reasons you should hire me, because I appear to have an intimate knowledge/understanding of what you crazy archaeologically consulting sorts do!')

*bites fist*

Ok, the firm in Williamsburg, VA was hiring crazy amounts, and is, after all, in Williamsburg, VA (sends coquettish looks towards the College of William and Mary). But...but...BOWLING GREEN!! Uberly-downtown Manhattan could be mine once more!! True, I'd probably move in with my spinster aunts Angela and Giovanna until apartment possibilities arose, or stay at home and--dare I?--commute.

*shakes head!* Gah, chickens before eggs! I need to write out this cover letter and send my damnable resume first! And then make the appropriate animal sacrifices, pray to the proper saints, preform other heretical acts in an attempt to smooth my way, etc etc etc....

...mustn't get hopes up, mustn't get hopes up, mustn't get hopes up...

Though, they should seriously hire me, if only for my mother's 50 birthday (this Wednesday). Honestly, when I asked what she wanted for her big 5-0, "You getting a better job" was her reply. There's something terrifying about immigrant parents who have succeeded through education and hard work...even though they aren't laying the pressure down (...often), the guilt to make them proud is panic inducing.


Happier note: kick ass dream last night, about becoming selkies/mermaids, and diving to the bottom of the ocean only to discover it turned into the night sky and I was no longer swimming, but flying. Some issues though, when I tried to convince my land companions to dive in and swim down with me, and random people on the beach were like "ZOMB, MERMAIDS!". (Interestingly enough, under the water felt like breathing on a really windy day, when the wind whips the breath right out of your lungs, and you have to fight to breath in) There was some sort of nameless power/evil down there though, but I woke up before that part of the dream could develop.
Guess how I spent my evening.

No. Go on. GUESS.

No clue? Not even a little friendly wager between wholesome sorts?

Very well. I spent my evening searching for my car key. And when I mean searching for my car key, I mean my mother, father and I spent a good hour combing the yard and the cars' interiors for my car key, because my father had gotten the notion in his noggin' to rearrange the cars in the driveway...and proceeded to throughly lose my key in the process.

It's a damned good thing it was found too, cause even though I have a spare key, I only have ONE leather keychain from Dollywood with a bear and my name on it. Had that been lost, there may have been a RECKONIN'.

Luckily, I cooled down by beating "6 Days a Sacrifice", and have fallen that much more in love with the Chzo Mythos games. GO DOWNLOAD THEM AND PLAY THEM DAMNIT!!
The next time we gather to watch deliciously bad movies and read aloud from deliciously ridiculous romance novels, I humbly propose we make A Schadenfreude Pie.

It would be delicious...deliciously evil.

shamelessly yoinked from [ profile] kalquessa. I really want to make this pie now, too.
Mrs. America contestant Mrs. Tennessee bitten by rattlesnake

"Mrs. Iowa pulled it out of my foot," Ryan recalled. "Mrs. Wisconsin called 911. Mrs. Mississippi, who's my roommate, has been at my side the whole time," she said.

Do you think Mrs. Iowa will get kudos from the judges for her quick action?

I feel like this could spawn a great series of joke panel questions. Like "Describe a time where quick thinking was vital?", or "how would you resolve the war in Iraqi?"
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But I feel like posting, and by gum, I've nothing else to talk about. But first, a rather longish explanation as to why this post came to be.

Today was one of those glorious, late summer days that happen on occasion here on Long Island--the sun was shining, the sky was blue, everything was still green, and any other ridiculously sentimental dribble you can add to the above, by all means do!

I was meandering around the porch, only to discover that some of the figs on the fig tree had ripened! Now, I ADORE fresh figs; in fact I was of the habit of picking them for breakfast off of a tree on the NYU campus in Florence the semester I studied aboard. And if you might be of the mind to say "Silly Nella, why would you do that!"; rest assured I asked the president of the study aboard program if that was alright, to which he gave a wholehearted "YES!" It turns out NO ONE ate the figs off of that fig tree, and all those delicious figs would fall to the ground and rot away every year. And as I am cheap, figs make for a marvelous breakfast. Positively delicious, nothing like a freshly ripened fig. If you don't believe me, come to my house and try them for yourself.

So, I picked what I could, and ate what I could (saving some for the rest of the family, as one shouldn't be too greedy with figs) and meandered onward to find that there were ripened Concord grapes in the back of the yard as well! This has NEVER happened before--for years, I've stared all summer at the green, hard grapes in anticipation of what ripened Concord grapes might taste like to no avail--alas, they have always be snatched up by birds long before I could enjoy them in their dark purple glory.

But this year, there are GRAPES in the backyard, fully ripened Concord grapes. Now, I am aware that Concord grapes are usually only used for the making of juices and jellies, but I picked as many as I could and ate them as I walked about some more. I can honestly tell you to not eat the skins. They are bitter like beach plum skins (also in season now, and down by Long Beach to those who like to pick fruit in public parks), but the first tentative bite is wonderfully sweet. Even the gummy middle, that reminds one of tapioca pearls, is sour and delicious.

So, as I was eating fig and grape, the thought kept rolling through my mind that 'all was right in the world, the fig was on the vine'. And even though I KNEW that FIGS don't grow on VINES (DUH), I couldn't help repeating this ridiculous mantra to myself. It took me a while, but I finally realized that my brain was foolishly combining two of my loves; the Jeeves and Wooster stories by Wodehouse, and the American Revolution.

And if you don't understand how that could be, I've written this as the explanation, even if the punch line ended up FAR away from where I originally intended it to end. )

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